It drives you crazy, getting old

who area ur fav booktubers overall?


Jennamarbles, vlogbrothers, nerdyandquirky, thethirdpew, thefinebros, bethany mota, kayley melissa, jon cozart, savannah brown

Bootube: christine riccio, katytastic, abooktopia, jessethereader,little book owl, cassidy tucker and some russian people:)


Lydia Martin Appreciation Week: Favorite Episode

3.15 | Galvanize


Credit to my peruvian bae for the banner! 

So I just hit 1,000 followers!! Hahaha I know it isn’t much but I’m really happy tbh so I decided to make my first follow forever! I’m not going to do it in perfect alphabetical order don’t hate me. (Hover over your names!!)


 Holly, Wife, Peruvian Bae, Joshua, Queen, Emily, Abi, Anya


Clara, Jalyn, Cas, Lud, Jaz



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Thank you all for brightening up my dash every day! I love you all! Have a nice day. :)

who are your favorite underrated booktubers? like who have under 1k subs


the only ones under 1k i follow are russian booktube and i dont know how interested u are in these? 


Let’s go home.


i love how i went from “lol xDDDD ill type how i liek xD rawr” to “Text talk is stupid. I’m never going to typo ever again in my whole life~” to “r u fuckin srs rn i dont have time 4 this shit”

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful (x).

Dear Friend, I hadn't thought about reading it on my phone! I think I'm gettin a Tablet for my birthday so I might use that! School sucks, I start college a week today so I'll be at a new school, luckily my friend is going to the same college so that's alright, what's stressing you out about school at the moment? Love Always, Charlie x


i transferred into a new school today and its been very nice, i know lots of people there and my class is great:) the problem is that we are writing slovene test from lit and grammar from the entire last year at the end of september and i was in the previous school back then and we didnt learn half the things they did! i have to read like 6 books or at least their summaries not to mention books for the book club and all of the new september releases:(((( im gonna drown

also i want to go to drama club, improv, book club, guitar and cinematography this year and seeing as we will go swimming for pe after school im not gonna be able to do this.. and i have to get straight as and do well on competitions in order to get into an international program this year is going to be so stressful

kieren walker in every episode / 1x01

i’m a zombie and i killed people

This is the Hogwarts Express, reblog to get on it.






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